While successfully designing her way through graphic school, Ellen Goegebuer became passionately fond of photography. As such, she went for a second bachelor in photography and graduated cum laude in 2008. In 2009 she won the Hilde Frunt Fashion Contest. Because Ellen is both a designer and a photographer she can easily shift from one world to another. In 2008 she travelled to The Gambia for the photo documentary MA NATAL LA – Can I take a picture? A project that definitely reveals her versatile and creative personality. She assisted art photographer Marc Lagrange, who unfortunatily passed away to early, and fashion photographer Stephen Mattues.

Since 2009 she works as a freelancer for a diverse group of clients, such as publicity agencies Cayman, Van De Kerckhove & Devos, Umami Concepts, Janssen en Janssen and Liantis, Unizo, Markant, Flair, DH&H, Aluvision, Creaplan, Fraeye Living, and many other ...

Publications in Humo, Knack, Sabato, De Tijd, Steps De Luxe, Flair, different company magazines...



+32 (0) 478 633 521

Located in Ghent, Belgium

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